At NeuRoads™ NM, licensed nurses, licensed nutritionists and dietitians provide dedicated care.

NeuRoads™ NM nurses developed and provide preventive health maintenance guidelines and partner with physicians so every individual receiving our services receives the same preventive health screenings as any person of the same age and gender.

Health services are triaged 24/7, 365 days a year, in all community living services. Our services address adult and geriatric health concerns. Nursing directors collaborate with state regulatory bodies and the NM Board of Nursing to ensure our Nursing Practices are the best. Each person has a nurse and each nurse liaises with physicians and licensed professionals, coordinates care and treatments, manages health care notes, lab values, physician’s orders and monitors and supports urgent, emergent and hospital care.

Allied Health Services such as Speech and Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Counseling and Nursing and Nutrition are provides based on each participant’s needs.

Nutrition services are provided by licensed nutritionists and dietitians who ensure the optimum nutrition of each individual by writing a customized Medical Nutrition Therapy Plan and menus. The frequency of nutrition services may vary depending on individual need and state regulation. Individuals with ongoing or new diagnoses like hyperlipdemia, diabetes and osteoporosis benefit from a nutritional assessment, face-to-face education,menu writing and shopping consultation for them, their staff and their family. Nutrition services aim to manage or eliminate dietary heath risks.

Nutrition Services supports the health and wellness of each individual by responding to individual needs, delivering cooking classes and planning special menus so individuals with high risk have the chance to attend special events.